Tuesday, September 15, 2009

At this time of year, many of the major golf equipment manufacturers hold their annual sales meetings. Numbers are crunched, plans are discussed and new products are often shown for the first time to people outside the R&D department.Many companies also bring in their tour pros to speak to the troops, hit a few shots, sign autographs and mingle. Paul Casey, a Nike staff player, has been taking it a step further, Tweeting from The Oven, Nike's facility in Ft. Worth, Texas. Here are two from earlier today:11:29AM At the Oven today. Checking out 2010 product with the sales team.1:05PM  Pics coming after lunch. Food always comes first.Casey sent several images of Nike Method putters. At 3:25pm, he Tweeted some shots of the yet-to-be released Nike Victory Red driver.Casey's Victory Red Driver The orange area behind the face, according to Casey's Tweets, is the Compression Channel. He wrote that it expands the sweet spot of the driver. The driver appears to have STR8-Fit, Nike's adjustable clubhead system that is currently available in the SQ Dymo STR8-Fit driver. Casey's Victory Red Driver 2As GOLF.com learns more about this and other yet-to-be released equipment, we'll write about it here.(Photos by Paul Casey)

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