Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TM-Proto-Putter There are always a few prototype golf clubs being shown to the game's best players at PGA Tour events. Companies want feedback from the pros to learn how they can refine and improve new designs. Recently I spotted a prototype TaylorMade putter, which looks similar to the recently released Spider Balero putter. Like the Balero, it has a large white alignment line running from the face to a ball-sized hole in the rear. The putter also features TaylorMade's grooved AGSI face, which is designed to help get the ball rolling more quickly on the green. TM-Proto-Putter3However, the prototype, shown at right, lacks the white ring that simulates the hole and the small wings that protrude from the back section, which are found on the Balero.(Click on the image for a better look at the putter.)I watched Justin Rose try this putter and heard him ask the TaylorMade rep to send him one, so it's possible this putter could be made available to the public. But like all other prototypes, there is no guarantee that it will wind up on pro shop shelves. 

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