Friday, April 24, 2009

Morgan Pressel Morgan Pressel has been an avid user of Twitter for a while. As I type this, she has more than 1,100 followers. She uses the site to share news about her love for the Detroit Red Wings, her rounds and practice sessions, and her shopping habits.Yesterday she Tweeted about putting a new driver into her bag at the LPGA's Corona Championship in Morella, Mexico."Put a new Callaway FT-9 into play today for the 1st time and didn't miss a tee shot. It has a great trajectory. This one has staying power!" Pressel had been previously been using a Callaway FT-5.Moments later, the 20-year-old wrote, "MF [Meaghan Francella] said 'Wow you really like that driver huh?' when I outdrove her a few times today...I also tried to tell her to join Twitter!"Stay in the know by following David Dusek on Twitter.(Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

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