Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today marks the 39th annual Earth Day. If you are going to be playing golf and want to do your part to make our world a little cleaner, think about using Evolve Golf's Vireo S3 tees.Like other Evolve tees, the Vireo S3 tees are made from a combination of renewable and recycled materials. Evolve claims they are more durable than traditional wooden tees, but if they do break, the tees are completely biodegradable. In addition, Vireo S3 tees are designed to help you hit the ball in the sweet spot more often. To do that, golfers are encouraged to go to the company's Web site and select the specific driver they play. A tool then shows Epoch Vireo S3 Teeshow many gray dots on the side of the tee should be above the ground to ensure the ideal teeing height.For example, players swinging a Titleist 905R or a Cleveland HiBore XL Tour driver are encouraged to sink the tee into the ground up to the second dot from the bottom (photo).You can buy a 35-pack of Vireo S3 tees for $5.95 at

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