Friday, January 30, 2009

Georgelucasyardagebook ORLANDO, Fla. — Arnold Palmer's former caddie, "Gorjus" George Lucas, wrote a humorous column for SI Golf Plus for several years -- when he was not driving his RV or creating the yardage books depended on by PGA and LPGA Tour caddies. The neon colored books are a must-have for numerous players because of their accuracy.
Here at the PGA Show, attendees can leaf through several different versions of "The Book" at a display set up by The company has just partnered with Lucas and is making some of his creations available to the public for $10 each.
The major difference between these versions of Lucas' yardage guides and the books he's been creating since 1976 is the green drawings are created after the greens themselves have been measured and mapped with lasers. Tiny arrows and topographic waves show humps, bumps and falls lines that will effect putts.
Laser-measured green maps on Tour courses ... just what Tiger Woods needs. (Photo by David Walberg/SI)

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