Friday, January 30, 2009

Pullcart_350 ORLANDO, Fla. -- I don’t honestly remember the last time I used a pull-cart to play golf — living in hilly Pittsburgh makes that relatively impractical — but Sun Mountain’s new Micro Cart is so cool, it almost makes me wish I was a senior citizen living in Palm Springs so I could. Well, almost.
I checked out the Micro Cart ($239 suggested retail) in Sun Mountain’s booth at the PGA Merchandise Show here in Orlando. It is ingenious. It’s light, only 13 pounds. It has four wheels, two larger ones in front, two smaller ones in back. It has only two latches, easily flipped, and then it folds down on top of its base platform. You’re left with something the size of a small carry-on bag. Lifting it in and out of a car trunk would be no problem. When it’s folded up, it looks like a rad four-wheel skateboard you could ride, but don’t. The cart itself, when fully upright, is light and has that same easy roll that Sun Mountain’s original Speed Cart was known for.
One nominee for a bag to put atop the Micro Cart is the Sun Mountain Four 5 ($219 suggested retail). It’s a 4.5-pound stand bag that comes with either a harness strap or a dual strap. What’s unique about this model is that it comes with individual club dividers. Yes, there are 14 separate slots for your 14 clubs. I’m not sure there’s another carry bag you can say that about.
As for those two extra woods and the ball retriever you like to carry, well, you’re out of luck.
(Photos: David Walberg/SI)

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