Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dear Doc,I'm a 21-handicap, but really like the look and feel of a smaller forged club (Callaway X-Forged, Titleist 755, etc.). My distance control is more consistent than my directional control. I'm in the market for new irons but hate the thought of playing game-improvement irons. I would love to have some insight into this. Thanks and love the blog!Brian in Michigan Dear Brian,
I wouldn't get too obsessed with forged better-player irons vs. forged game-improvement irons. Instead, because your problem is "direction control," I would recommend you focus on two things when shopping for your new set. First, find out what your ideal lie angles are and make sure the new irons are adjusted accordingly. Lie angles can
seriously impact direction and ball flight. Secondly, I would
experiment with a heavier swing weight. If the irons are
too light, you may not have enough sensitivity for the clubhead, thus
making it harder for you to square the clubface efficiently at contact.Dear Doc,I am in the process of buying new irons. I am unable to hit them outside, but have hit 10 different sets indoor on the computer (all game-improvement category). I have only eliminated three options so far—the other seven are all about the same. How do I go about eliminating other sets to get down to that one perfect set.Thanks, Patrick Patrick,The difference between the seven remaining iron models that you are considering really comes down to two things. First, you should consider which one "looks" the best to you. You need to be happy and confident with the appearance of you clubs. Second, and in my opinion is just as important, is "feel." Which one out of the seven feels the best?
When you find the set that looks and feels the best, you have answered your own question.Hi Doc,I have been using Maxfli Revolution black dot irons for a while, and I am looking for something lighter, but with similar characteristics. I like the blade style of my current irons, and I'm looking into the Mizuno MP-57 or maybe the new MP-52 coming this fall. Do you think this is a good change or should I look into something like the Mizuno MX 25, or what clubs would you recommend me?Thank you, Daniel L. Daniel,It looks like you want to go with Mizuno for your next set of irons. I would recommend that you look at the MP-57. You have been playing a forged, mild cavity back for sometime, so I would imagine that you will have a very easy transition into this iron because it is very similar. Dear Gear Doc,I shoot in the high-70s to low-80s. My problem is that I make contact consistently toward the center-toe of my irons rather than being exactly in the middle. This happens almost 9 times out of 10 and I cannot seem to find the reason behind it. I've adjusted my address and posture position, tweaked the lie angle of my irons to roughly 3° up. That seemed to even out my divots but hasn't helped with this problem. I've tried choking down but that doesn't even seem to help much. Any ideas come to mind? Brian P. Brian,You may want to look at adding a little length to your irons. If you are striking them a half inch off center, try adding a half inch to your irons. But, be careful. When you add length you add weight. For every half inch in length, you will increase the swing weight by roughly 3 points. So, if your irons were D1 before, then they will go to D4 after you extend them. I would try one club to start, maybe a 7 or 8 iron. If you find it solves the problem and you don't mind a little extra weight, then extend the rest of them. The only other thing that could be causing toe strikes is an outside-in swing path.

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