Monday, August 25, 2008

Nike_vr_irons Last week in The Shop, we told you how excited Paul Casey is about his new Nike Victory Red irons. Today, Nike e-mailed an official release detailing the new Victory Red family of irons. There will be three different sets of Victory Red irons available starting on November 1 — Victory Red Forged TW Blades, Victory Red Forged Split Cavity and the Full Cavity Victory Red irons. Click on the image for a better look.
As the name implies, the TW Blades ($999, 3-PW, $125 individually) are inspired by the clubs that Tiger Woods plays. Notice the little TW on the blade at far right.
They are forged from 1025 carbon steel and feature a CNC milled face and traditional muscle-back design. According to Nike, the Forged TW Victory Red Blades have a slightly thicker toe line than the original Nike Forged Blades. Woods was quoted in the release as saying, "I hope to have these new irons in my bag upon my return to competition."
If you don't have quite enough game to make Tiger's sticks work for you, Nike is also offering the Victory Red Forged Split Cavity ($999, 3-PW, $125 individually). The Split Cavity set, made from the same materials as the TW Blades, will have a slightly thicker topline and sole, as well as more offset and perimeter weighting to make them more forgiving on off-center hits.
For golfers seeking the most game improvement, Nike offers a full cavity-back version of the Victory Red irons. With a wide sole, thick topline and plenty of offset, the Full Cavity Victory Red irons are designed to help players get the ball off the ground more easily and compensate for mis-hits.
The Full Cavity Victory Red irons will be $799 in steel and $999 in graphite (4-AW). Individual clubs will be available from 2-iron through lob wedge for $135. The women's version of the Full Cavity (5-SW) will be $999 in graphite and $135 individually from 3-iron through lob wedge.
Look for more details on Nike's new irons here and in an upcoming issue of GOLF Magazine.

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