Thursday, August 28, 2008

Seemore_sb1 SeeMore has just released a new mallet putter called the SB1. While many putters are milled from stainless steel, SeeMore continues to go with 6061 aluminum to achieve what the company says is a crisp, solid feel.
Like other SeeMore putters, the head of the new SB1 is black, as is the lower portion of the shaft, which makes it easier to use the company's "Rifle Scope" alignment system. A red dot sits between two thin white lines on the top of the putter, and when you have positioned the putter square to your target line, no portion of the red dot will be visible to you from the address position. If you see red to the right of the shaft, the face is closed and pointed left; if red appears to the target side of the shaft, the face is open and pointed right. There's also a simple alignment line running from front to back.
The standard SB1 is center-shafted, but an offset shaft is available in the SB1w. The head is the same, but it features SeeMore's Whistle Shaft, a bent shaft, which also uses the Rifle Scope alignment system.
The head of the SB1 weighs 334 grams, but SeeMore offers customization options that can increase that weight by 24 grams for players who like a heavier putter.
The retail price for the SB1 and SB1w is $225, and they will be available in September.

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