Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vokey60m_wedge_400 Among the clubs Chez Reavie used to win his first PGA Tour event was a Titleist Vokey Design 60-M wedge. (Chez's was actually bent to 58°.)
That club, which has a special grind on the sole, is usually not available to the public, but Titleist announced last night that a limited run of 1,000 is now available for sale on for $250 each.
The 60-M wedge has a face that is textured like the Spin Mill line of Titleist wedges, but a crescent-shaped section of the bounce area has been ground out. According to the company, that makes it more versatile from the sand and the turf. The heel, toe and trailing edge have also been ground so players can open the face and still get under the ball on tight lies.
You can have your name or initials stamped on the back of the wedge, and various grip and shaft options are available.

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