Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tmburner3_400 TaylorMade Golf officially released two new fairway woods and two new rescue clubs on Wednesday.
The new Burner High Launch fairway woods are designed to do just what you'd think — hit high-launching shots that maximize distance and forgiveness. The Tour Launch Burners are designed for players with higher swing speeds who want more workability and a lower ball flight.
According to a media release from TaylorMade, the High Launch (above right) version is the largest steel fairway wood in TaylorMade's line, but both models are nearly triangular and
designed with a crown that is much smaller than the soleplate. The walls of each club are also extremely thin, only .55 millimeters thick, which helps designers redistribute weight down and back in the clubhead to lower the center of gravity. That lowered center of gravity should make the new Burner and Tour Burner easier to hit.
The Burner High Launch fairway woods will be available in 3 (15°), 5Tmburnerr3_400 (18°) and 7 (21°) woods and will come standard with a 49-gram graphite shaft. The Burner Tour Launch fairway wood comes in a TS (Tour Spoon, 13°), T3 (14.5°) and T5 (17.5°).
In a separate release, TaylorMade said the shallow-faced High Launch Burner Rescue
(below right) has a slight draw bias and is designed to promote more backspin than the Tour Launch rescue club. That should help slower-swinging players get the ball in the air more easily and add distance. In contrast, the Burner Rescue Tour Launch has a slight fade bias (to prevent hooks) and should help fast-swinging players work the ball more easily.
There will be 3, 4, 5 and 6 rescue clubs available in the Burner High Launch version and T2, T3 and T4 models in the Tour Launch version. Graphite-shafted models will be priced at $219 while steel shaft models will be $175.

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