Friday, May 23, 2008

Vokeyscreengrab_600x364 This week, Titleist announced that it will sell a limited number of special Vokey Design wedges on the newly launched every month.
According to the site, "Each month a new wedge or wedges will be offered through Vokey Wedge
Works in limited quantities. The special wedge designs and sole grinds found in Vokey Wedge Works come straight from Bob's work on the PGA Tour. Many are inspired by the work Bob does with specific players to meet a certain shot requirement or playing style. Each wedge will be described in detail to provide its motivation and reason for being."
This month, 600 TVD 60° wedges were offered. They featured a special crescent-shaped sole, designed to allow players to pick the ball cleanly off a tight lie but avoid digging the club into the sand on bunker shots.  The face of the TVD 60° is milled like the Vokey Spin Milled series wedges. The measured bounce on the wedges is 14°, but the effective bounce is 8°.
Unfortunately, they sold out ... fast. Within hours. So if you are into wedges, or collectible golf equipment, keep a close eye on the site.

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