Friday, January 18, 2008

Bobbyjones_2 The Bobby Jones company made headlines in 2007 with its award-winning hybrid clubs. Today, the company unveiled its new triangular driver, designed by Jesse Ortiz. Ortiz also introduced the company's first line of wedges, which he co-designed with GOLF Magazine's short-game guru, Dave Pelz.
The 460cc driver will be available in March for $500. Ortiz said the unique triangular head allows for maximum correction of off-center hits while improving trajectory and reducing spin.
Pelz said the wedges stand out because of their sturdy face, which is made from a high-tech alloy. Most wedges need to be replaced often, Pelz said, as the grooves wear down. But Pelz said amateurs will be able to use these wedges for several seasons without losing spin.

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