Friday, January 18, 2008

Ogiomammoth_120x300 $
Flying with your clubs usually involves praying for two things. First, that they reach your destination. Second, that they aren't dinged, bent or broken in half after bouncing around at 35,000 feet. At the PGA Show, Ogio is showcasing one of the sturdiest, most well-thought-out travel bags you'll ever see, the Mammoth.
Large enough to easily handle a Tour player's bag, or even two stand bags, the Mammoth is surprisingly maneuverable. Four extra wheels on the bottom of the bag make it easy to push and spin the Mammoth, even when it’s upright.
The entire bag is fully padded, but the lower third features a reinforced plastic guard to protect your clubs as they roll over curbs or rough terrain. The zip-off shoe compartment is washable and features an antimicrobial treatment to help reduce odor, and there is even a crush-resistant pocket that holds several baseball caps.
The bag weighs 18 pounds, is made from a tough nylon and comes with a lifetime warranty. -- David Dusek

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