Ballyhack Golf Club

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Ballyhack Golf Club

Bedford Country Club

Bedford, Virginia
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Ballyhack Golf Club

Blacksburg Country Club

Blacksburg, Virginia
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Ballyhack Golf Club
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3609 Pitzer Rd
Roanoke, Virginia 24014-6212
(540) 427-1395

Course Details/History

Architect Name - Lester George

Regulation Length Holes - 18

This course is in pristine shape. everything is so well kept. The fairways are tightly cut and well grown in in all places on every hole, rewarding shots from the fairway to green allowing maximum spin if hit right. Huge fairways but very tricky tee shots.The rogh, is really thick and nasty. A tee shot in the rough is almost always a gauranteed bogey.Bunkers are very soft and very tough to get out of because they are thick. Your ball will plug everytime and hitting a fairway bunker is big trouble. Even the best bunker players will have trouble puting them close. The greens are excellent. No ball marks, scuff marks, dry patches. Every green is the same speed, color, softness, and difficulty. Being on the wrong part of the green can mean a four putt. There are no straight putts. Not one inch of this 7,000 yard course is easy. No matter where you are there is trouble in your sight. Shooting even here from the tips would take only the best golfers in the world to pull it off. could easily see this course holding a PGA Tour tournament in years to come if maintenance is held up and the golf course lasts. This course is in such good condition and has so much to offer with a pristine practice green and range with multiple greens. All the employees are nice and the food and lodging are great. For a great golfer that wants a challenge, this is your course
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