Texas State University-San Marcos

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Texas State University-San Marcos

Golf Club of Seguin

Seguin, Texas
Average: 2 (4 votes)
Texas State University-San Marcos

Fort Sam Houston Golf Course, La Loma

Fort Sam Houston, Texas
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Texas State University-San Marcos
Average: 2 (1 vote)
601 University Dr
San Marcos, Texas 78666-4684
(512) 245-2973

Course Details/History

Regulation Length Holes - 9

The place I first learned the game of Golf (Aquarena Springs golf course back then). Played my first 10 rounds of golf with my one and only club, a trusty 9 Iron. There were only 9 holes at the time with two flags on each green. It brings back memories of floating the river after a hard day of golf and classes at Southwest Texas State. I played a lot of golf since those days, 3 balls in my pocket and just one club. Will try and get back and play during an alumni event (most held at Quail Creek).
Champions tee7269.707,018
Regular tee7267.406,518
Ladies tee7265.106,100
Front Nine
Champions tee3805264291904571703703974103329
Regular tee3275114141814361553543723963146
Ladies tee3004753901503901403303503902915
Back Nine
Champions tee5721944704334282254104375203689
Regular tee5071654304214011643884214753372
Ladies tee4901504054003801503504104503185
*Par value varies depending on tee boxes used.
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