Oxbow Golf & Country Club

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Oxbow Golf & Country Club

The Meadows

Moorhead, Minnesota
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Oxbow Golf & Country Club

Rose Creek Golf Course

Fargo, North Dakota
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Oxbow Golf & Country Club
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130 Oxbow Dr
Oxbow, North Dakota 58047-5000
(701) 588-4669

Course Details/History

Architect Name - Robert Trent Jones, Jr., ASGCA

Greens Grass Type - Blue Grass

Regulation Length Holes - 18

Very poor customer service for a private course. If you can get past the "why should I care attitude" in the "pro" shop - that has 1 established PGA certified pro - you may enjoy the golf course (when not flooded out). Once flood protection is built in the Fargo area this will be the only course that floods out part of its 5 month useable season. Try other clubs in the Fargo/Moorhead area first for membership. Most amenities are sub-par for a private country club - a small pool, a small pro shop, no Tennis courts, a range that consists of a few old bumps for targets, 280 yards of useable landing area and it looks like the range has not been updated in a long, long time. Bright spot: 90% of the membership is friendly, competent golfers. Downside: the other 10% are problematic - behaviorally (swearing on course, gambling issues, don't fix ball marks properly (see the par 3 greens for the damage done etc...)) This 10% also plays so much that they probably pay an average of $15 a round and they act that way. If you play 20 rounds a year - which averages out to be about a cost of $100 a round you won't want to be in front of or behind these groups and deal with the "****, I'm down $50 bucks, I need play an emergency 9 - get out of the way" attitude. You'd want a stress free round with pleasant atmosphere and a course/pro shop worthy of a private course. As a very short course scrambles here are fun but you must shoot in the low 50's to compete. The yardage reads about 6,800 but plays like 6450 with 3 or 4 drivable par 4's; if you hit it straight or know where to cut corners. Last mini tour player at Oxbow shot 61 here so the "players course" tag it once had may require more than just new tee boxes to hold true moving forward. Fairway bunkers are inconsistent and need updating. They are constantly being drained with pumps as well. All tee boxes (even new ones) are not supported in any way with railroad ties etc and are rounded and very "public course looking". Fairways are decent but never have a totally manicured look - with spots of "missed cut" that look vary "public course" - may be a mower maintenance issue. Weed whacking and trimming is not done on a consistent basis - but the course looks "good enough". Greens are in good shape when the "kids" they hire for the summer push mow the greens during summer months. They have a very limited full time grounds crew that does a great job with, unfortunately, very little resources. Nice place to visit in July - not a good future membership investment at this point. -TH 2010.
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