Green Brook Country Club

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Green Brook Country Club

Pinch Brook Golf Club

Florham Park, New Jersey
Average: 3.3 (19 votes)
Green Brook Country Club

Phillip J. Rotella Memorial Golf Course

Thiells, New York
Average: 2.3 (11 votes)
Green Brook Country Club
No votes yet
100 W Greenbrook Rd
N Caldwell, New Jersey 07006-4757
(973) 228-1800

Course Details/History

Regulation Length Holes - 18

The course condition was great but the number of blind shots from the tee and fairways was annoying. I like to be able to see my shot, good or bad, and this course does not always allow that. All in all a great course if you know exactly where your shot is going to end up. If I played this course again I think I would have a better time now that I know the lay of the land.
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