Butter Brook Crossing Golf Club

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Butter Brook Crossing Golf Club

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Butter Brook Crossing Golf Club

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Butter Brook Crossing Golf Club
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157 Carlisle Rd
Westford, Massachusetts 01886-4417
(978) 692-6560

Course Details/History

Architect Name - T. Gerrish/Mark A. Mungeam, ASGCA

Regulation Length Holes - 18

ASSAULTED AT BUTTER BROOK! I golfed here about a little over a month ago with my husband, father and brother. On the 18th hole, my brother hit his tee shot on to the neighboring fairway. He drove his cart to his ball not realizing until after he hit his second shot that he was past the “no carts” signs on that fairway. He immediately returned to the cart path. It was an honest mistake and no harm done. At this time a member who had been watching us from the clubhouse patio walked down to us and proceeded to SCREAM within inches of my brother’s face. A couple of the choice phrases he used: “You should have seen the f**king signs!”, “I’m a member here and I’m going to report you to the course manager and if I ever see your f**cking face here again I’m going to punch your f**cking face in!”. After we finished our round we immediately reported it to Peter Maki, the course pro, and pointed out the offending member. Peter showed genuine concern, gave us his information and told us to contact him any time and so he could “make things right”. Well, we have tried to contact Peter four or five times since then and we have yet to receive a response. Actions speak louder than words and his lack of action to our repeated inquiries speaks to the character of Butter Brook, which runs counter to the spirit of the game of golf (self-discipline, honesty, and integrity). I refuse to spend another dime at this place or recommend it to anyone. If you choose to patronize them, be on the lookout for a tall guy with black hair and an unusually black (likely dyed) moustache with anger management issues. He seems to think it is appropriate to approach and make threats to a group of golfers (one that included a senior citizen and a woman). And the management seems to think an appropriate course of action to a serious offense on their grounds is to just ignore it and hope it goes away.
Black tee7272.61336,702
Blue tee7270.41286,174
White tee7268.61205,617
White (L) tee7272.11275,617
Red tee7269.41204,919
Front Nine
Black tee5173161364031364365541716183287
Blue tee5072931233961324014921575513052
White tee4772861023731183774711445492897
White (L) tee4772861023731183774711445492897
Red tee408265942821112834011114982453
Back Nine
Black tee3832495213211994475244163553415
Blue tee3741955013091753774753943223122
White tee3081734342661383514203303002720
White (L) tee3081734342661383514203303002720
Red tee2711673822311313003883072892466
*Par value varies depending on tee boxes used.
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