Toward the end of their journey, Phipps (left) and Davis took in the grandeur of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Luke Davis
By Josh Sens
Monday, May 22, 2017

Pete Phipps isn’t sure he’d want to do it again.
But he’s sure glad he did it.
“It” being the epic golf-and-bike trip that he and his buddy Luke Davis recently completed, a two-week, 800-mile pedal-and-peg it from Southern Oregon to Monterey, Calif., along scenic Highway 1.
They called their pilgrimage Portland to Pebble.

You could also think of it as a coastal golf junket, with the risk of cardiac arrest.
“It’s definitely not a trip for everyone,” Phipps said Thursday. He was back home in Raleigh, N.C., weighing 10 pounds less than he did before the trip.
“There are a lot of hills out there, and they’re not easy climbs when you’re hauling 80 pounds of gear.”

When not on their saddles, Phipps and Davis were often on the tee.
Luke Davis

Their last golf stop: Pacific Grove, aka the Poor Man's Pebble Beach.
Luke Davis

For more coverage of Phipps and Davis's excellent adventure, check out Davis's site, Lie + Loft. For drone footage of the trip, go here.  


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