"It’s a completely different experience than you get in a car," says Luke Davis, left, with Pete Phipps on the Oregon coast.
Luke Davis
By Josh Sens
Monday, May 08, 2017

It’s time to check in on the progress of Luke Davis and Pete Phipps, avid golfers in the midst of a pain-meets-pleasure journey: They’re bicycling 900 miles along the Pacific Coast, from southern Oregon to the Monterey Peninsula, with plenty of stops to peg it along the way.
When we last caught up with them, they were just about to head out on their expedition, boarding road bikes by the ocean, west of Portland, and pedaling south on Highway 1, their golf clubs hitched to trailers just behind them.
That was nine days, 500-plus miles and many rounds ago.
The duo has now made it to Northern California, and a ribbon of coastal highway that spills through giant redwoods.

“Riding bikes along this route instead of driving is kind of like walking a golf course instead of taking a cart,” Davis says. “Everything slows down. There’s more time to take in the scenery and get lost in your thoughts. You’re looking up at these ancient trees. Birds are flying by right above you, checking out what you’re up to. It’s a completely different experience than what you get in a car.”
This stretch of California is known as the Lost Coast. But there’s golf to be found, if you know where to look.

The finishing hole at the Little River Inn in Northern California.
Luke Davis

Killing time at the campsite.
Luke Davis

Davis, left, and Phipps soak up the grandeur of Bandon Dunes.
Luke Davis

A quick pit stop to do laundry for the first time in seven days.
Luke Davis

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