Luke Davis (left) and Pete Phipps are embarking on the golf trip of a lifetime.
Luke Davis
By Josh Sens
Thursday, April 27, 2017

On Friday morning, Luke Davis and Pete Phipps, a pair of kindred spirits with a love of the game and a taste for adventure, set off on a journey that is sure to leave them satisfied but saddle sore.
Starting on the Pacific Coast, west of Portland, Ore., the duo are pedaling road bikes south on Highway 1, hauling golf clubs in trailers behind them. They’ll ride all day, camp out at night. Then they’ll do the same the next day, and the one after, repeating the routine for two weeks, until they get to the Monterey Peninsula.
On the downside, they’ll be dealing with mist and mosquitoes, and a diet made up mostly of peanuts and beef jerky.
On the upside, those clubs aren’t just for show.
They’ll be playing lots of golf along the way.
The full tally of the trip they’re calling Portland to Pebble: 14 days, 800 miles, nine rounds, starting with Bandon Dunes and ending with Pacific Grove Golf Links, a cool seaside muni just north of Pebble Beach.

Davis (left) and Phipps (right) with surfer/filmmaker Keith Malloy, who provided inspiration for their journey.
Luke Davis

And so begins the bucket-list excursion for Phipps and Davis, and a vicarious adventure for the rest of us. Along with sleeping bags and a few changes of clothes, Davis and Phipps are also packing iPhones, cameras and a drone, the better to document the trip.

Here’s a peek inside Davis’s bag:

Luke Davis

1. Two waterproof panniers (bike bags)
2. Mavic Pro drone 
3. Tents, hammock, sleeping bag
4. Rain jacket/bike shorts/layers
5. Smartwool merino wool undies
6. Oregon/California state inspired buffs (tubular headwear)
7. Electric sunglasses
8. Stone paper waterproof journal
9. Pebblesaurus (“We have to get her back to her native land," Davis says)
10. Yoga toes  (“Seriously, game changer")
11. Butt-saving cream/baby powder
12. Light, versatile clothing from Linksoul

Davis will be posting photos and video on his own website and under the hashtag #portlandtopebble. But will also be tracking the adventure, checking in periodically with Davis and Phipps and posting updates on their progress.

Godspeed, gents.

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