Wednesday, November 25, 2009

(AP) — Tiger Woods had not been to Australia in 11 years, giving him the occasion to set the record straight on that chart of Jack Nicklaus he had taped up in his bedroom as a kid.

"People have kind of exaggerated the record list," Woods said.

He said it contained only four or five items and was more of a timeline - when Nicklaus took up golf, when he first broke 40, when he won his first junior event, his first U.S. Amateur and when he turned pro.

"It was just a benchmark for me growing up that here's the greatest player of all time and this is what he did when he was 13, 17, 18," Woods said. "As a junior, you're always trying to compare yourself to, 'When did he do it?' And hopefully, I can do something a little bit better and maybe that might springboard myself into having a good career.

"It has turned out OK."

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