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Mickelson's 'healer' a former green beret

A divorced father of three who turned 46 Friday, Weathers has worked for more than 25 years with athletes as varied as race car drivers and ultimate fighting competitors. He said he finds working with individual athletes, not teams, the most rewarding.

"I like the mental aspect of knowing he's got to go out there and do it alone,'' said Weathers, a California native who now lives in Boise, Idaho.

Weathers said his business has been built through word-of-mouth, helping athletes or just regular folks with pains from carpal tunnel to migraine headaches. He travels about 36 weeks a year.

Wearing a black visor with the words "Never Compromise'' on the back, Weathers has 10 clients at the U.S. Open. He spent Friday morning in a 60-minute massage session with Kirk Triplett before arriving at the course and finding Mickelson on the sixth tee.

Weathers would spend the next few hours following the world's No. 2 player in case his wrist needed some relief on the course - during one round, Weathers was seen walking down the fairway with Mickelson, massaging his hand and wrist. He and Mickelson have worked all week on the wrist, with sessions that include reflexology, Eastern massage techniques and heat and ice, Weathers said.

According to Mickelson, who ended the day 11 over par for the tournament, the treatment seems to be working.

"It's sore, but it will be fine,'' Mickelson said.

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