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Dogs and Golf

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Dogleg: Pooch steals Casey's ball at Dunhill Links

Paul Casey
Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images
Casey ended up with a birdie on the hole, despite the canine's obstruction.

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland (AP) -- While lining up an eagle putt on the 12th green, Paul Casey ended up in the "ruff."

The Englishman was 20 feet from the cup on his third hole Friday at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship when a dog ran onto the green and ran off with his ball.

"It's the weirdest thing I've ever had happen on a golf course," said Casey, who was playing at Kingsbarns. "I noticed the dog on the 12th tee and he sort of followed us down the fairway before taking a real liking to my golf ball."

Casey, who is partnered with Olympic great Michael Phelps in the pro-am event, was ready to play with another ball but a spectator stopped the pooch near the 13th tee and recovered the original.

A European Tour rules official inspected both and Casey was allowed to play his original ball. He ended up with a birdie to get to 1 under.


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