Mark Allen's car after his crash while talking with Australia Sports Entertainment Network’s Kevin Bartlett.
By Marika Washchyshyn
Thursday, December 04, 2014

A Ryder Cup radio interview in Australia ended with quite the bang on Sunday as Australian professional golfer turned radio host Mark Allen crashed his car during a live call-in with Australia Sports Entertainment Network’s Kevin Bartlett.

It the audio link below, you can hear Allen speaking about Phil Mickelson before the collision happened. 

“Oh! I’ve just crashed,” Allen says. “I’ve just crashed, K.B. I’ve just crashed the car.”

Bartlett let the call go after he made sure – albeit in very subdued tones – that Allen was OK. Allen called back later, praising the safety of his Mercedes-Benz.

“Surprised you hadn’t pulled over…” Bartlett said at the time of the crash. 

Yeah, a radio interview is probably on the list of things NOT to do in the car, even if the system was hands-free.

This article was originally posted on Sept. 30, 2014.

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