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Greg Norman Says Tiger Is Tough but 'I Probably Would Have Beat Him'

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In an interview with David DeNunzio for the January issue of Golf Magazine, Greg Norman wanted to set the record straight on the heavyweight golf matchup-that-never-was: the Shark vs. the Tiger.
"I never feared anything or anyone on the course, and I wasn't afraid to fail," said Norman. "So I think I'd do pretty well against Snead, Hogan, Tiger and Phil -- whoever. Tiger's a tough guy, but I was a tough guy on the course, too. I probably would have beat him."

Woods' 661 total weeks atop the World Golf Ranking and 14 major championships dwarfs Norman's line at 331 and two, but it hasn't stopped Norman from being critical of Woods. In a 2011 interview with Golf Magazine, Norman predicted that Woods would never win another major.
"Tiger, when he dominated, had a single-shot approach. It was only about the golf. Everything else was taken care of. I mean he was put up on this pedestal, and he enjoyed it, likely so, because he did what he did. But now there are so many other distractions, and people are looking for things that are wrong with Tiger now, so he's got to deal with that on a day-to-day basis, like every other mortal has to do, right? In our lives, in our business, we all have to be responsible for our actions. It's very hard for him to have that focus. And the more he shuts people off, the worse it gets."
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by Marika Washchyshyn
by Marika Washchyshyn